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Author Guidelines

The Author Guideline explains how to prepare an electronic printer-ready version of your full paper manuscript. Your paper will be printed 'as is'. Please use the specific styles defined in the Paper Template to format your paper. Your paper must provide the details of the work to readers. It should be divided into sections, each with a heading, so that a reader can follow the logical development of the work. The length of your paper should not exceed eight pages in letter size. Please do not change the paper size and the pre-defined styles.

The easiest way to format your paper is to use the template downloadable below. If you do not want to use this template, please strictly follow the instructions provided in the guideline to format your paper in Microsoft Word 2000 or later versions. The following files will help you for preparing your full paper manuscript. Please read the guideline carefully. A paper that does not meet the requirements will be returned to the author(s) for revision.

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