Welcome, Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing, 19th International Conference

Registration Fees

Presenting Author: (£375 Early) (£450 Late)

Co-Author: (£375 Early) (£450 Late)

Delegate: £375

Research Student: £300

One day Attendance: £250

The full registration fee will cover all sessions of the conference, hard copy of the proceedings, refreshments, lunches, the conference dinner and an excursion. A welcome reception will be held on the evening prior to the first day.

The student registration fee will cover all sessions of the conference and a CD-ROM of the proceedings.

Cancellations after the 'Last Date of Registration' (21st April, 2009) will result in a publishing fee of £300.

The preferred method for payment of fees is by credit card (Please see the FAIM 2009 Registration Form for full details). However if you wish to pay via a bank transfer, please contact Catherine Frost at faim2009@tees.ac.uk to be provided with the necessary details and instructions.

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